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Formerly known as respectively "Xero" and "Hybrid Theory", the band finally managed to sign a record deal with Warner Bros in 1999. By that time lead singer Mark Wakefield had already left the band to focus on other projects and had been replaced by Chester Bennington, former lead singer of a band called "Grey Daze". Dave "Phoenix" Farrell left the band as well to tour with Tasty Snax.
Hybrid Theory
The band released their first album "Hybrid Theory" (HT) on October 24, 2000. The overwhelming success of their fourth single "In The End" meant the band's worldwide mainstream breakthrough. Other instant classics were "Crawling" and "One Step Closer". During its debut year, a staggering 5 million copies of "Hybrid Theory" were sold worldwide.
In 2001, Phoenix rejoined the band full-time to play bass. His debut with Linkin Park was in the album "Reanimation", which has been released on July 30, 2002. Its a remix album, featuring songs and bonus tracks from HT. Many other artists like Jay Gordon from the band "Orgy", joined the band to work on what could be considered as their second studio album because a lot of new verses and sounds were added to the HT tracks. "Pts.OF.Athrty" was the one and only official single but problably the most famous song of the album is "Enth E Nd".
Later in 2002 the band confirmed the production of a new studio album. "Meteora" debuted on March 25, 2003. Five singles were released: "Somewhere I belong", "Faint", "Numb", "From The Inside" and the hauntingly beautiful "Breaking The Habit". Though the album didn't even come close to the success of HT, it did sell over 3 million copies in its debut year. As of 2013, the album has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. The album is often being described as the more radio-friendly version of Hybrid Theory.
Side projects
The release of Meteora was followed by a second Projekt Revolution tour but after that the band took a break so each band member could focus on some other projects they wanted to do at that time. Mike for example formed his own band "Fort Minor". He successfully released his first solo album "The Rising Tied", which many people will remember forever thanks to the worldwide success of single "Where'd You Go" (featuring Holly Brook).
Mike also took the time to work together with "Depeche Mode". His remix of "Enjoy The Silence" (entitled "Enjoy The Silence 04") was released as a single.
Minutes To Midnight
"Minutes To Midnight" was Linkin Park's third studio album. After being postponed for several times, the final album release date was set for May 14, 2007. In contrast with the band's earlier nu metal sound and influenced by their new producer Rick Rubin, this album sounded a lot more like a classic rock album. Worldwide album sales are up to 12 million copies. The band released five singles from the album: "What I've Done", "Bleed It Out", "Shadow of the Day", "Given Up", and "Leave Out All The Rest".
A Thousand Suns
In May 2009, the band started working on their fourth studio album. They announced that this album was going to be something completely different from what they were doing in the past.

During the progress of working on the album, LP took the time to focus on a lot of other projects too. There was Chester successfully releasing his first solo album "Out Of Ashes" with his band "Dead By Sunrise" (that is Chester together with his friends from Julien-K) in 2009. Four singles were released from the album: "Crawl Back In", "Let Down", "Inside Of Me" and "Too Late".
Linkin Park also created their own game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, called "8-Bit Rebellion". When people completed the game, they were able to hear a new song called "Blackbirds".
Just like it was the case for the first movie from the "Tranformers" series, Linkin Park were asked to write a song for the sequel. The band wrote "New Divide". It became one of the most succesfull single releases of the band ever.
A Thousand Suns was finally released on September 14, 2010. "The Catalyst" was chosen to be the lead single of the album. Other tracks released as a single were "Waiting For The End", "Burning In The Skies" and "Iridescent". A shorter version of that last single was part of the soundtrack of the third "Transformers" movie (Dark Of The Moon).
In 2011, the band said in an interview that they aimed to produce a new album every 18 months. Not long after that statement, the band announced they were back in the studios recording a new album. LIVING THINGS is often being described as the album where the band decided to go back to their roots. While ATS was more experimental, this new album includes some elements from their first three albums. Lead single "BURN IT DOWN" was released on April 16, 2012 and has been one of the most successful releases of the band in recent years.

In the past, many songs from LP's albums were used in movies and LIVING THINGS was no exception to that fact. "POWERLESS" is featured in the closing credits of the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". Single "CASTLE OF GLASS" has been used in the first-person shooter video game "Medal of Honor: Warfighter". There's also a music video of the song containing footage from the game.
In august 2013, Linkin Park announced that their new single A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES"would be released in a couple of weeks to support LP's upcoming Facebook game "LP RECHARGE". It appeared to be a song collaboration with Steve Aoki. In september, the band also announced their second remix album called "RECHARGED". It features fourteen remixes made for different tracks from LP's latest album LIVING THINGS. A few examples of artists who contributed to the album are Steve Aoki, Pusha T, DATSIK, KillSonik, Dirtyphonics and Money Mark. Rick Rubin, who produced LP's last three studio albums, also worked on his own version of "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES".
The Hunting Party
Linkin Park's sixth studio album was released on June 17, 2014 and contains twelve tracks. The electronic sounds of ATS and LT are now almost completely gone and replaced by guitars and drums. People should look at it as a "modern Hybrid Theory". For their first single "Guilty All The Same", Linkin Park collaborated with the legendary New York emcee Rakim. Other guests on the album are Daron Malakian (System Of A Down), Page Hamilton (Helmet) and Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine).

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