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The whole idea for making this website is based on the release of Linkin Park's fifth studio album "LIVING THINGS". I was at the time (and still am today) an active member on various unofficial LP fansites. During the months before the album release, the band gave us puzzles (does "sudo solve" sound familiar...?) to see the artwork, clues to find the new album title and a unique scavenger hunt. Those were the moments where I felt like I could do more than just being a member of those fansites. I wanted to create something for the fans myself and also wanted to do something in return for the band. Because that band that I discovered in 2001 with that one good song "In The End" appeared to be a band of six great musicians that created one masterpiece after another and what's more, the success of the band didn't change them as people, they always kept down to earth. That certainly is one of the main reasons why I have so much respect for the band.

So the intention of creating my own unofficial LP fansite was there. Though, as I had yet to discover, there's a big difference between "having an idea" and the reality. Back in 2011, I had absolutely no idea on how to create a website, I'd never heard of CSS language. I really didn't know where to start so the first thing I did was watching literally hundreds of Youtube videos with people explaining the basics of html and css. It was hard to figure it all out by myself and I wanted to quit several times.

But I'm not the person to give up that easily so I bought Adobe's web design and development application "Dreamweaver" (wonderful piece of software that is) and step by step my first attempt on creating a website took shape. At first I wasn't happy about the design, so I quickly decided to start all over again. People who created a website theirselves and read this, will certainly understand what it takes to put every column or picture in the right place with the right color, etc. Creating a website is like building a house, you start with a few walls but you still have to decorate each room afterwards. Like I said before, there were moments that I asked myself if all those hours behind the laptop were going to be worth it. But just like all other things you have to learn, it becomes easier each day and now (Jun 1, 2013) I can say it was totally worth it. In fact, web programming even became part of my job.

Getting the website online was only a matter of time, but of course I wanted the world to know that there was anoter LP fansite going to be launched. That's why I created a Facebook page. During the first months after I created the Facebook page, the number of people liking it steadily grew to about 500 people, and I was very happy with that limited group. I tried to share the news about Linkin Park as soon as it hit the internet and that's what I still do today. In June 2014 we reached 10,000 likes on Facebook and had over 5,000 unique visitors on this website due to the release of Linkin Park's sixth studio album "The Hunting Party".

You now know something about me and this website. Enjoy your stay and I'll take care of the rest!

All the best,

Stan - Jun 01, 2013
Webmaster lpleaks.com

I'd like to thank:
- Youtube user Timothy Kywn for his amazing Adobe Dreamweaver tutorials.
- the people of Icondrawer for their pretty country flag icons.
- last but not least: Linkin Park for making such great music.

About me
Name: Stan (nickname)
Date of Birth: October 29, 1990
Country: Belgium

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