Linkin Park to reveal more details about new album very soon
Posted on 03-03-2014  20:02  |  by Stan
With the new splash page on being updated, it seems that we're very close to the release of LP's sixth studio album. At the moment we're only able to see some clouds, but it seems they're slowly disappearing as the time goes by. We can already see a part of the official Linkin Park logo and probably some more details or cover art for the next album.

Mike also shared a picture on his Twitter account. Clouds everywhere...

Update 1:
A few minutes ago, Linkin Park uploaded a new video to their Youtube channel. 15 seconds of new music!

We can read the message "The Hunting Party 6.14" on Brad's notes. This could refer to a song or album title, the release date or the track length. We also spot three images in the background. They don't seem to be that important but it could easily be a preview for some of the album's artwork.

Update 2:
According to the BMI Repertoire website, "Guilty All The Same" could be a new song title.

Linkin Park's official website
Mike Shinoda's official Twitter account
Linkin Park's official Youtube channel
BMI Repertoire official website



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