New Fort Minor album to be released on November 24th ?
Posted on 06-29-2015  20:44  |  by Stan
Last month, Linkin Park performed at Rock On The Range 2015. It was without a doubt a solid performance of the band, but apparently we missed something... something VERY important...

We suggest to take a close look at the video below between 1:00:23 and 1:00:27. Mike performs a part of his Fort Minor song "Remember the name" when suddenly the date "NOV 24" appears in the background.

As we all know, The Rising Tied was released on November 22, 2005. So the perfect idea would be to release the next album on the same date. Unfortunately, Nov 22 falls on a Sunday this year while new albums are often released on Tuesdays. That's right, November 24 = Tuesday.

Then there's all the effort Mike put in this comeback of Fort Minor: a new Twitter and Instagram account, teasers, logo, artwork, live appearance on Conan, lots of interviews,... Saying that all of that hard work was just meant to promote "Welcome" wouldn't make sense.

Of course there's Mike's message:
"I didn’t intend to write a new Fort Minor song, it just kinda happened. It’s not part of a new album, it’s just a song that I knew I wanted people to hear right now."

But that doesn't mean there won't be a new album, it just confirms that "Welcome" won't be a part of it.

Our conclusion: this isn't over yet. It's written right there: "Nov 24".

Thanks for the tip, Alan!



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