Brad and Mike discuss new album (and there are a few contradictions)
Posted on 03-18-2014  19:20  |  by Stan
A couple of hours ago, an interview with Brad Delson appeared online on Musicradar. Brad revealed quite some details about the upcoming album and it all seemed close to the truth.


"There’s a lot of guitar solos on the album!" he says with a laugh. "And this is from someone who was quoted early on as saying I hated them." He catches himself and then clarifies: "Not that I hated them as a listener; I just don’t want to play any; I shirked guitar solos. Early on, I felt as though the songs we were making aesthetically didn’t want them. This new batch of songs, to me, always want solos. I feel like every song has one."

"Guilty All The Same seems to inform the spirit of the record. For us, it’s the perfect lead offering to set the tone for the album as a whole."

About other possible collaborations for the album:
"Yes, there will be. There’ll be a couple at least at this point, and that’s also a rarity. Certainly we’ve done collaborations and tons of things with different artists, but in terms of a proper Linkin Park album, I don’t think we’ve had any guests. On the one hand, it’s been an insular process because we’ve made the record ourselves; on the other hand, it’s been incredible collaborative because we’ve had a lot of creative people come in and out of the studio and share with us their process. At times, it’s led to them bringing their DNA into our songs. It’s been really full-on [laughs], and it’s been fun and rewarding."

"Well, I don’t know if all of the songs are six minutes long, but a couple of them are. A couple of them are shorter. I feel like the creative ethos that has inspired us is not to try to imitate convention but to defy it. Sometimes that means, if a typical pop song is three minutes and 30 seconds long – or even some rock songs – then ours will be six minutes long. Or even two minutes long. It’s just about going against the grain and, again, trying to do something that we’re not hearing. That’s what inspires us to charge forward into the unknown."

Then we found out that Mike sat down with HiphopDX for another interview.


"I felt like I was happy with what I was doing, but then I looked at it one day and I said, “You know what? The music I’m making is like a derivative of all this new tempo Poppy Alternative stuff.” I didn’t like it to be honest, so long story short we started working on a real heavy Rock record, and at a certain point Rakim’s name came up, and I realized we were in a similar situation. He’s an artist whose respected but not mentioned really in Pop culture even though he is the Godfather of a lot of things in Hip Hop."

"We didn’t wanna play by the rules and make a Pop record, we don’t have it in us."

About Guilty All The Same:
"Originally I was gonna Rap in the bridge and I said as I was listening to it I thought it was predictable for me to rap a verse right here. Like that's not as exciting as it could be. What could we do that would be shocking?"

"When I was 16, my insides were messed up with chemical changes that happens in a young person's body when they are growing up [laughs]. You’re frustrated, pissed off, emotional and back then if I didn’t have an aggressive music or aggressive concert going experience I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. You know there's a part of me that feels bad for the young people that are out there right now with aggression to get out. And not in a negative way; we don't want them to get out and do anything bad, we want positive without being cheesy. That’s what music is for."

About other possible collaborations for the album:
"No I don’t think so, only Rakim. It’s hard to follow that up with anyone else. I actually had a hard time rapping on any song after he came in, like Jesus Christ, how can I pretend I can rap after this guy’s been in the room? It was inspiring though. Honestly it forced me to go and take a long look at my lyrics and really push myself to write better stuff. Having him there and seeing him do it was inspiring. But the album will be released this Summer. At least one more song will be given out as well before Summer comes. Thats new info too, haven't told anyone else."

"It’s a Rock record. It’s loud and it’s Rock, but not in the sense of what you’ve heard before, which is more like ‘90s Hardcore-Punk-Thrash. But from time to time we do flex the beatmaking and sampling and a record isn't done ‘til we add a little of that color to it. You even hear it in “Guilty All The Same” in sections. We break it down to samples that are made with the keyboard then switch it up with sampled guitars. We try to reference some of our favorite older music while still keeping it futuristic."

We don't know if Brad and Mike are working on the same record but as you may have noticed, they seem to have a different idea about the number of guests that will appear on the album. Brad talks about a few collaborations while Mike says that Rakim will be the only one to appear on LP's new record.

So what do you think about LP's upcoming heavy rock record? And what's it going to be, more collabs or only Rakim? Discuss below.




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