Steve Aoki to replace Joe Hahn as Linkin Park's DJ and sampler
Posted on 04-01-2014  20:29  |  by Stan
It's officially confirmed that Steve Aoki is going to replace Joe Hahn as the band's new turntablist for the next few months! Joe wants to focus on some of his other projects like directing the movie Mall. With Linkin Park's Carnivores tour coming up real soon, he won't be able to combine his projects and his work with LP anymore.

"It was a tough decision but I really wanted to focus on the Mall and make some time for other projects. When we created "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES" with Steve, I just knew that this was the right time to leave the band for a while."

Steve Aoki's first performance as an official band member of Linkin Park will be at their show in Italy (Milan) on June 10th.

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