Mike Shinoda unveils new songs at New York listening party
Posted on 04-07-2014  20:32  |  by Stan
Mike unveiled five songs of Linkin Park's new album for a small group of industry professionals in New York City on Friday. He repeated that the band shares a growing discomfort with "alternative music" these days. That's why their new album will be a return to a harder edge. He also confirmed that "Guilty All The Same" will not be the heaviest track on the album. It sits in the middle in terms of tone.

Talking about any further collaborations on the album, Mike confirmed that Daron Malakian of "System Of A Down" and Page Hamilton of "Helmet" will feature on the album.

At this time, the songs are still rough mixes so we will have to wait for another few months to hear them. He expects the album to be ready sometime in the middle of the summer.

What do you think about these updates? Excited about the album guests?

ABC News Radio via X95.9



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