New York listening party - part two: more album details leaked
Posted on 04-08-2014  20:31  |  by Stan
Only yesterday, we could share some updates about LP's new album thanks to ABC News Radio who attended a listening party in New York City last Friday.

Today we found a blog from HardDriveRadio, another radio station who was also invited by Mike to listen to some of the songs of the album. They confirm the album title to be "The Hunting Party" with a release date "later this summer".

"He played 5 of the 12 songs that will be on The Hunting Party album, now with a TBA release date later this summer. The band is still in the mixing stages on all and final recording stages on the rest."

Yesterday we revealed that Daron Malakian and Page Hamilton will appear on LP's sixth studio album as guests, today we know that Linkin Park collaborated with Daron on a song called "Rebellion" while Page worked together with the band on "All For Nothing".

"The 5 songs, 'Keys To The Kingdom', 'The Wastelands', 'Until It’s Gone', 'All For Nothing' (feat. Page Hamilton of Helmet!) and 'Rebellion' (feat. Daron Malakian of System Of A Down) were all still unmixed, but every one sounded great. I have to say, each song was better than the next, they are all extremely heavy, and as Mike said, some may even sound like prequels to their first album, Hybrid Theory."

All of this information hasn't been confirmed yet but it seems to be a reliable source. We keep you updated!




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