Official: The Hunting Party is name for LP's upcoming album (release date: June 17th)
Posted on 04-09-2014  20:37  |  by Stan
It's official: "The Hunting Party" will be the name for Linkin Park's sixth studio album! This has been revealed in an interview with Noisey.

In the interview, Mike talks about rock music, the collaboration with Rakim and the reason why they made this album. Above you can see the official cover art for "The Hunting Party, set to be released on June 17th.

What the new album sounds like:

"Linkin Park have dropped the electronics of their previous two records and have rededicated themselves to making rock and roll. In short, they’ve found their balls, and they’re taking those balls and going balls to the wall. Parts of the record sound like vintage Bay Area thrash while other bits of it sound like Helmet, to the point where they actually got the dude from Helmet to sing on “All for Nothing.” The record sounds big, like the sort of thing only a gargantuan rock band could actually manage because they actually have the manpower, resources, and abilities to make it sound big."

Rakim's verse for "Guilty All The Same" was written on a piece of paper:

"He took it with him. We couldn’t even get a picture of it. He took it out, put it in his jacket, and left with it. I felt like that was part of his routine; like he would never leave that laying around. He probably has a folder of those, or he immediately goes home and burns them."

On throwing away their older demos and start all over:

"I stepped back and said, “What’s the thing I want to hear that nobody else is making, and what’s the thing that we are uniquely positioned to make?” We threw out our old demos, and I talked to the guys and basically asked them to get in touch with who their 15-year-old self was."

About music that's being played on radio stations nowadays:

"Pop radio won’t play anything over three minutes, and they also won’t play anything with aggressive guitars, they definitely won’t play anything with screaming in it. There’s a ton of rules. And unless you’re Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, they won’t play anything cold—they need it to be a success elsewhere. They’re only going to be on the winning team. And from my perspective, I can’t live in that world. It’s a business, do what you’ve gotta do, but that world’s very foreign to me. When I make a song I don’t do math. I think what’s the point I’m trying to get across, how do I learn to be a better writer, better producer, whatever."




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