Linkin Park to release new music video for Iridescent very soon
Posted on 10-29-2014  20:22  |  by Stan
No, we didn't mention the wrong track in the title of this article. Three years after the release of the initial music video for Iridescent, Linkin Park will release another one in collaboration with Stars Of The Season.

Stars of the Season is the signature fundraising event hosted by the Advisory Council of Cardon Children's Medical Center.

On the official Stars Of The Season Facebook page, we read that we are "DAYS AWAY from the public premiere of the official SOTS Music Video "Iridescent" by Linkin Park". This is definitely something to look forward to for all the fans of the "A Thousand Suns" era.

The video is written and directed by Dave Chapman, who already posted three pictures of the video shoot on Instagram.

Jack Chapman on Instagram
Dave Kinsler on Instagram
Stars Of The Season official Facebook page

image image image image


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