LPU XIV to be launched on November 20th
Posted on 11-18-2014  12:07  |  by Stan
All LPU members should have received an email from LPU HQ to announce the release of LPU XIV. It will be launched on November 20th and the music will become available at the same time.

Maybe the biggest change this year will be the migration of LPU to the linkinpark.com website. They want to unite the two communities but LPU members will still have their own section.

Here's the message from LPU HQ:
In preparation for LPU XIV, we will be taking down LPUnderground.com starting Tuesday, November 18th at 9am PST. Don't worry, we are extending any expiring memberships through the weekend so you don't miss the launch!

We are so excited to share the new LPU XIV with all of you this Thursday, November 20th, 2014.

The new LPU will live on LinkinPark.com uniting both communities onto one website. In the next few days we will be carefully migrating and merging all of your account data and details into the new LPU.

Your account login and information will not change, the social points you have earned thus far will always be there, and your friends and messages will remain just as you left them. The forums will also be imported into a new forum, keeping all the topics and posts. You will even be able to login using the LPUnderground.com link.

The only difference is that now LPU lives inside LinkinPark.com where all Linkin Park fans have a place to unite.

LPU members will be the only users with access to LPU benefits.

This includes:

- Direct Message other members
- Write your own LPU Blog
- Write in the LPU Only Forum Topics
- Pre-Sale tickets Opportunities
- Meet & Greet Opportunities
- Band and Crew Chats
- Access to Exclusive Music
- Access to Exclusive Events
- Access to LPU Summit Passes
- Monthly Giveaways
- LPU Auctions
- LPU-TV Exclusives
- LPTV Downloadable Episode
- Early Entry for all membership types

The LPU section of LinkinPark.com has been designed specifically for LPU. The navigation will be very familiar and feature never before seen James Jean artwork throughout the site.

The LPU XIV music will also launch on November 20th with this years' membership options.

Thank you for an amazing year. We look forward to this new chapter together.

Lorenzo & Lulu


Are you excited to hear the new demos? And what do you think about the fact that LPU will live inside linkinpark.com? Let us know in the comments!



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