Linkin Park share awesome acoustic version of Final Masquerade
Posted on 02-19-2015  16:04  |  by Stan
You NEED to hear this acoustic version of Final Masquerade. Big thanks to Linkin Park for giving this song to all the fans for free!

Click the official download link on the right of this page and enter your email address. You will receive an instant download of the song.

"Hey everyone,

We made something cool the other day, and we wanted you to have it. Here’s a special unreleased acoustic version of Final Masquerade. Stripping it down to bare bones brought the sentiment of the song right to the surface. Thanks for all your support over the past couple months – we hope you enjoy the song.

"In this stripped-down intimate version, the words and storytelling lead the way. I loved working on this special recording of "Final Masquerade", and we're excited to share it with our fans."




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