Is Mike working on something new with Fort Minor?
Posted on 02-20-2015  20:47  |  by Stan
The last couple of days, we’ve been collecting some evidence for the fact that Mike is working on something new with Fort Minor. Here’s what we found …

It all started with Mike’s fifth Linkin Log. In that video he shows how to create a beat. But even more interesting, we noticed "Fort Minor" written under the "All samples" section (picture 1). Sure, these could be some old Fort Minor demos but then why would Mike create this Instagram account …?

Need more proof? Then we suggest to take a close look at the "black" pictures on Fort Minor’s official Facebook page. They’re not that black after all as you can see on the second and third picture right under this story.

Whatever Mike's plans are with Fort Minor, we keep you updated!

image image image


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