Guilty All The Same lyric video and album updates

Posted on 03-08-2014  20:12  |  by Stan
Linkin Park uploaded the official Guilty All The Same lyric video to their Youtube channel. Put it on repeat and share it with your friends. The world needs to know that Linkin Park has released an amazing lead single for their sixth studio album.

Album news:
Chester revealed in this radio interview that the album title "is already out there". This more or less confirms "The Hunting Party" as the new album title with June 14th as the release date. Combine the album title with the "Carnivores tour" and it's obvious that this album will include some loud and aggressive songs. Then there's this tweet from Chester. Rumour has it that members of the LPUnderground can expect a roll of toilet paper to be shipped with the record... For the other fans, we from LPLeaks offer a free alternative.

Some fans already declare that Linkin Park is going back to their roots with this album. That's not entirely true in our opinion, they're just heading in another unexpected direction. What are your thoughts about "The Hunting Party" as an album title and what kind of songs do you expect to be on this album?

Linkin Park's official Youtube channel
The Edge radio station
Chester on Twitter


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